Jaguars Holiday Slog, Saban's Sloppy Seconds, Int - Mincey

Today on Harp on Sports, we harp on the last month of the year for the Jaguars, Seth tells you how it's going to be miserable for Jaguars fans and why the team should stop playing guys like DJ Chark and Leonard Fournette. Also, Nick Saban is mad that Lane Kiffin asked one of his assistants to join him at Ole Miss, Seth tells you why Saban's gripe illegitimate. Also, former FSU head coach Willie Taggart landed at FAU, Seth tells you what he thinks about Taggart's chances to land at another power five school. Finally, former Gators and Jaguars DL Jeremy Mincey joins the show to talk about the state of the Jaguars, Dan Mullen to the Cowboys, and more!