Percy Harvin announced as Mr. Two Bits for Florida-Florida State game

Percy Harvin has been announced as the Celebrity Mr. Two-Bits for the game against Florida State.

Despite all of his highlights from 2006-08, serving as Mr. Two Bits offers a unique route. Harvin said he is practicing the routine this week with his wife and family as his audience.

“I’m definitely honored,” he said. “It will be intimidating and it will be great to be in front of the fans and just to get the team pumped up,” Harvin said. “I’ve kind of been nervous, I know I will be a little intimidated, but I’m looking forward to it.”

The atmosphere, especially at night, is unique across his career.

“I’m going to tell you, playing in that ‘Swamp,’ it’s a top-three or four kind of stadium,” Harvin said in an interview with Scott Carter of “When it turns to night, I really believe in my heart, having played in different stadiums, even NFL stadiums, at night there ain’t too many places that get you the football atmosphere that ‘The Swamp’ has. ‘The Swamp’ at night, that was one of my favorite all-time games at any level, all the way to professional.”

George Edmondson, the original Mr. Two Bits, who passed away in July. Harvin remembers the impact Edmondson had on the crowd during his playing days.

“That’s honestly one of the bigger reasons I wanted to do it,” he said. “I figured there was no bigger fan than Mr. Two Bits, cheering us on, and that’s probably the reason I feel honored doing it. Mr. Two Bits, he didn’t go to school there, he didn’t get paid to do it, he didn’t receive anything for it. It was really just a fan cheering for his team.
“I think just to be able to follow someone who did it just for the passion, for the love of the game, I think there is no bigger game to come out there and show my gratitude and to try and get the fan base pumped up than against one of our biggest rivals.”