DeSantis Backs Fair Pay Bills, Taven Time, Ints - Mehta, Wolfson, Smith

Today on Harp on Sports, we harp on the news that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is backing two bills that would allow student-athletes to profit off of their likeness and images, Seth applauds DeSantis and tells you why this bill is a good thing. Also, the Jaguars will be without Marcel Dareus for the next month, Seth tells you why these next few weeks are important for Taven Bryan. Plus, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News joins the show to preview the Jets vs the Jaguars and CBS Sports reporter Tracy Wolfson joins the show to talk about the Jaguars vs Ramsey, how to beat the Patriots, and more! Finally,s LB Malcolm Smith joins the show talking his arrival to the Jaguars, previewing the Jets, and more!