Former Gators LB Jachai Polite's Pre-Season Fines were Huge

The New York Daily News is reporting that Jachai Polite racked up about $100,000 in fines for behavior during the preseason.

Polite didn’t make much of a splash during the preseason, and was late for meetings, including the one after the final preseason game last week.

The one-time first-round draft prospect slipped to the third round where the Jets took him. The pre-draft process did not go well for the former Gator, as he struggled at the Combine and didn’t perform well at any stop along the way.

“I think everything is factored in everything you do as a football player,” Gase told the media. “Every guy in the locker room knows they’re being evaluated in everything they do… especially when it comes training camp time, being locked in and making sure you’re doing the right things — meetings, on the field, walk-throughs. Everything is evaluated. Sometimes you don’t even realize you’re being evaluated. That’s the nature of our beast.”

It seems as if the Jets management couldn’t agree on what to do with Polite, even back to draft day.