Urban Meyer’s Texts Suggest He Withheld Information Regarding Zach Smith

On a Friday news dump Ohio State released over 2,000 texts and emails related to the Zach Smith allegations that rocked the university – and college football as a whole – last summer.

There were text messages sent and received from former Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer’s phone.

A text exchange between Meyer and agent Trace Armstrong were revealing. Meyer suggested he was forced to fire Smith even after the issues surrounding the former Buckeyes assistant coach were dropped legally.

“Amazingly all the stuff vs. Zach will get legally dropped and he was fired. Tuff perception world we live in. He was fired for cumulative stuff. I will not tell media,” Meyer said.

Smith, after domestic violence allegations, was eventually fired by Ohio State ahead of the 2018 season.

Meyer received a three-game suspension and decided to walk away from the program following the 2018 campaign.