Steve Spurrier wants to expand College Football Playoff to Eight Teams

Add Steve Spurrier to the growing list of people that want to see college football's playoff grow larger. Mike Giffith of Dawgnation recently sat down up with Spurrier to discuss a number of topics, including the College Football Playoff. Spurrier voiced support for expansion as well as scrapping the committee.

“I’m a proponent of sending eight teams to it, to tell you the truth, but four is better than two, like they used to do,” Spurrier told Griffith. “I guess it’s pretty good, (but) I certainly don’t like committees determining the champs. We’re the only sport in the world that still does that. (Saying) that will probably not get me on the committee ever, but that’s OK.”

Talking about championship games and automatic bids led Spurrier to reflect on the introduction of the SEC Championship Game in the 1990s.

“I told somebody the other day, talking about the SEC Championship Game, the first one in 1992, of course, and I told our guys, ‘We’re going to try to win our division, and then we’re going to get a chance to play for the SEC Championship, we don’t have to worry about anybody voting, or any committee selecting us to go play in the game. So let’s try to win that division and go from there.’ So we liked that, and then after that, they told you what bowl game to go to, and if you were the SEC champ, you usually went to the Sugar Bowl. That was one thing I liked about the SEC Championship Game.”