A-Rob Tries to Tempter Twitter Storm

The last few days Allen Robinson's twitter page has been a lesson in either creating drama, hinting or just down right trolling.   And in actuality it may be all three.   After reports started to surface that the Jaguars would be turning their attention to Marqise Lee and let A-Rob walk #15 fired off a tweet that got 49ers and Bears fans optimistic about landing the 24 year old.  

Rumors then began to fly that Robinson would not be back with the Jags and would likely hit free agency.  When that hit its fever pitch the Jags Pro-Bowler threw a little water on the fire.  

What's the truth?  What are the facts?  Those who know aren't talking.   What do we know to be true?  A-Rob is not happy about something and with just hours left until the franchise tag deadline expires we can be pretty sure it isn't because of the latest episode of "The Walking Dead".