Jaguars Are The 2010 Jets, Jags Trash Talk, Ints - Sielski, Henne, Lambo

Today on Harp on Sports, we Harp on the similarities between the Jaguars and the 2010 Jets, and Seth tells you why out of all the comparisons, the Jaguars are most like the Jets who beat the Patriots in the divisional round in the 2010 season. Also, Seth tells you why the Jaguars talking trash is not a big deal ahead of the game. Michael Sielski of the Philly Inquirer joins the show to preview the Eagles vs the Vikings in the NFC Championship. Jaguars QB and Chad Henne joins the show to talk about being Tom Brady in practice, and K Josh Lambo talks about how kicking in NE is different from kicking in PIT.