Jaguars Playoff Tickets Hottest in the NFL

The City of Jacksonville will host its first playoff game since the 20th century this weekend and Duval is all over the basic economic chain known as supply and demand.  The Bills and Jags are sold out as almost every post-season game does.   The secondary market is where you have to go to find your tickets and Jacksonville's ticket costs are more rivaling the Patriots and Steelers as to what people are paying elsewhere.   

According to Stub Hub Upper Deck tickets for this Sunday's Jags game are going for $230 a pop.   

The LA Rams hosting the Falcons are going for $80 a piece

The Panthers and Saints -  $85 a ticket

The Chiefs hosting the Titans - $45 per seat

What does this all mean?  It's means you could watch all three other post-season games this weekend and still have a $20 in your pocket for the cost to get into Everbank.    Supply and Demand.  Jaguars tickets are just more valuable.   Happy New Year Jacksonville!