What Matt Stafford Signing Means for Jags Future at QB

Lions quarterback Matt Stafford has traded a $16.5 million base salary in 2017 plus the ability to play the Kirk Cousins year-to-year franchise tag game for a new five-year extension.  His $50 million signing bonus is the most in league history, eclipsing the $40 million given last year by the Ravens to Joe Flacco.

Stafford was one of three potential big name QBs that could have hit the market this off-season.    The others being Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins.    That's one less guy the Jags could have made a run at.   The Jaguars QB Situation is one of the more perplexing ones in the League.    With a potential windfall at the position coming up in the 2018 draft could the organization use a first round pick for the 3rd time in 8 years on a QB.   Only time will tell.   Stafford could've been a possibility with this ties to Georgia.    Now that's one less potential toy in the bin on Christmas Eve.