Jimbo Fisher says 'Noles safety Trey Marshall will miss first half of Alabama game

Seminoles’ starting safety Trey Marshall was ejected for targeting in the second half of the Orange Bowl against Michigan.  A second-half ejection for targeting carries a further penalty of a suspension for the first half of the next game as well.  It just so happens that next game was 9 months away.  

According to 247Sports: 

He will,” Fisher said when asked if Marshall would miss the first half. “And we’re trying to vote on that too [at the ACC Spring Meetings]. I think that’s crazy. No other sport, I don’t know a sport, you have those red cards in soccer, they don’t follow you year-to-year. But it is what the rule is now.”

The rule of a half-long suspension carrying over to the following season is, according to Fisher, not thought out well. He said that the ACC is looking to bring up the rule to be reviewed by the NCAA Football Rules Committee.

Good.   The rule works well week to week but not season to season.