ACC at the top of NCAA Tourney Earnings

UNC's trip to the Final Four, combined with two stellar tournaments in 2015  and 2016, will yield the conference at three-year total of more than  $100 million.

Over the past three tournaments, ACC teams have accumulated 64 units from the NCAA's basketball fund, a pool set aside  from the money the NCAA makes on the tournament television deal to reward conferences for advancing in the tournament. Each game played, with the exception of the title game, is worth one unit.

The ACC, like many conferences, splits the revenue equally. With 16  members, that puts the three-year tournament take for each ACC school at  around $6.8 million. 

No other conference is close to the ACC in units earned over the last  three tournaments. After the ACC's 64, the Big Ten is next with 47,  which is worth slightly more than $75 million.