Now with $74.9 million in cap space Jags should be stingy

First things First.  Increases in salary cap ceilings help poorly managed teams more than those with a ton space that have been smart.   Ton Coughlin and the Jags now have a ton of money.  Pressure will start to mount for the Jags to spend money.  They shouldn't.  It's not burning a hole in your pocket.   Next season decisions will need to be made on Telvin Smith, Allen Robinson and Marqise Lee. 

Not to mention Bortles and Linder approaching swing years.  The Jags should find 3 things they want that a potentially weak draft class won't provide and pounce.   Spend no more than $40 million. Teams that win in the NFL do so by drafting well and securing that talent before franchise tags hit.   

  1. OG - $11M Per
  2. CB  -  $10M Per
  3. OT - $8M Per 

Fill those 3 positions and then supplement.   2017 will be a restructuring year.  By carrying over half the cap space the Jags can lock up their core and make a legitimate run at the post-season in 2018.  

In 2016 the cap was $155.27 million. In 2015, the cap was $143.28 million. The year before, $133 million. In 2013, it was $123 million.  Salaries in the NFL are about to explode with $43 million more per team available than just 4 seasons ago.