Dabo Swinney compares LSU and New Orleans to Ivan Drago in Rocky IV

Clemson players and Rocky Balboa! Dabo Swinney has been saying the past few days that playing LSU in New Orleans, a town full of Tigers fans, to Rocky fighting Ivan Drago in Russia. Rocky wins the fight and helps bridge the two culture embroiled in the Cold War.

Courtesy of USA Today

“Coach Swinney loves to compare us to Rocky movies. I guess he’s just the biggest Rocky fan,” Clemson offensive tackle Tremayne Anchrum said Saturday on ESPN during media day. “He said going to Louisiana is like going to Russia and we’re playing Drago.”
Playing Drago in Swinney’s rendition of the classic movie is Heisman Trophy winner and LSU quarterback Joe Burrow.
“He’ll say something about Drago, like Drago’s Burrow,” Anchrum said. “And then we’ve got to be Rocky. We’ve got to train in Russia. We’ve got to fight in Russia.”

LSU coach Ed Orgeron is taking a different tack, and certainly doesn’t want to brand his team as “big bad LSU,” even if the bravado is appropriate.

“I couldn’t tell you who those two guys (Balboa and Drago) are, to be honest with you. I just know this: it’s going to be an emotional night. When we run out of that tunnel, I think it’s going to be a hometown advantage. But we have to take care of it. We have to use it to our advantage.”