UGA OL Cade Mays' Transferring; Dad Suing School After Losing Finger

Bulldog Star offensive lineman Cade Mays leaving UGA and Athens.

He is expected to join Jeremy Pruitt and Tennessee.

Mays’ father Kevin is a former All-SEC offensive lineman for the Vols, and his brother Cooper signed with the team during last month’s early signing period.

That wasn’t the only piece of news released today placing Mays at odds with his now-former program.

In a bout of very strange timing, the Mays family is now suing Georgia, among others, over an incident at a recruiting event over two years ago.

According to the filing Kevin Mays had part of a finger amputated after it was caught in a folding chair at a Georgia facility. The below is courtesy of 247sports

During dinner, as Plantiff Kevin Mays attempted to stand up, the building support column situated behind the subject folding chair prevented the subject folding chair from moving backwards, and the subject folding chair folded up, catching his finger in the hinge of the subject folding chair.
As a result, Platiff Kevin Mays’s right pinky finger was partially amputated as the subject folding chair weged against the column. His severed finger shot across the floor.
UGA Offensive Line Coach Sam Pittman picked up Plantiff Kevin Mays’s severed finger, and it was put on ice.
Plantiff Kevin Mays was transported to Piedmont Hospital in Athens for treatment, where he was diagnosed with partial amputation and fracture involving the fifth distal phalanx of the right hand. Plantiff Kevin Mays is right-handed. At the Emergency Room, his pain level on a scale from 1-10 was a 10.

The finger could not be reattached. He is seeking $3 million for lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering, stating that he continues to suffer “terrible pain” stemming from the incident.

Of course, there is no indication that this incident is leading to Cade Mays’ transfer. Mays committed to Georgia after this happened, playing the last two seasons in Athens.

After starting seven games as a freshman, and earning freshman All-American status, he started 11 of 14 games for Georgia this year.