LSU Fans Buying Twice as Many CFP Title Game Tickets as Clemson

The Superdome is only 80 miles away from LSU – well within travel distance of any LSU fan who can get their hands on a ticket. Judging by the ticket sales, it looks like an absolute ton of them have.

In an interview with KALB, Vivid Seats' Andrew Gretchko said that LSU fans make up a big majority of fans expected to attend. Specifically, Vivid Seats’ Fan Forecast projects that 62-percent of fans at the stadium will be cheering for LSU.

“With the game taking place right in LSU’s backyard, we’re expecting a home atmosphere for the Tigers,” Gretchko said. “Our Fan Forecast currently points to 62% of the Superdome cheering for LSU, leaving just 38% for the defending champs.”

As for the price of getting into the Superdome, the least expensive tickets are currently going for over $900.

That’s less than half of what fans paid for the Georgia-Alabama game in Atlanta back in 2017 – an average of $2,149.