Jaguars WR Dede Westbrook Surprised HS Student After Tweet Went Viral

Jaguars WR Dede Westbrook was spotted by a fan who was "Chillin" at a restaurant in Jacksonville. The fan decided to respect the privacy of Westbrook at the time, and posted a tweet about the situation. The tweet wound up being seen by Dede, and the Jags Wide Receiver made an effort to meet the fan for the photo opportunity. "I really appreciate you for respecting the fact that I was with my family!! Let me know where you are today and I’ll pull up on you so we can get that picture!", Westbrook wrote in a tweet.

After some responses, Westbrook found out which High School the person attended who sent out the tweet and showed up for a photo. "So glad I was able to pull up at his high school today and show him the same respect he showed me and my family. Shout out to my new friend...I appreciate you more than you know, man." Positive stories are hard to find with the Jaguars this season, but this is one that should make anyone smile.