Jalen Ramsey: "I played OK” in debut with L.A. Rams

Jalen Ramsey had four tackles and forced Devonta Freeman to fumble in his Rams Debut. Ramsey had not played in several weeks due to a back injury and/or desire to get out of Jacksonville and said he didn’t feel totally into his groove during the game.

"I feel like I played OK" Ramsey said, via ESPN.com. “I got to get in my groove a little bit more, it’s just maybe one, maybe two plays that I wanted to have back or play a little bit different, but I thought it was good.”

Ramsey said the defense was “a little dumbed down for me” and safety Eric Weddle estimated they had about 30 percent of the overall scheme loaded up for Ramsey. They’ll work on adding to that total before facing the Bengals in London next weekend.