Rams have no Timeline for Longterm Deal with Jalen Ramsey

The Rams traded for cornerback Jalen Ramey without signing him to a new deal. So is there a timeline for extending a contract that runs through 2020?

“No, no timeline on that,” Rams G.M. Les Snead told reporters on Wednesday, before softening his position. “We did put a timeline a little bit in place with it. I don’t want to give too many details on that. Again, we are just meeting Jalen today. Obviously. He to date has earned a chance to probably get a nice contract for the job he does and the position he plays.”

Snead said that, after striking a deal in principle to trade for Ramsey, the Rams spoke to his agents “and give our long-term view and get his.”

Still, Ramsey has extra leverage now that the Rams have given up two first-round picks and a fourth-rounder to get him.

But the Rams aren’t afraid to take a leap of faith. Snead admitted, that the Rams traded cornerback Marcus Peters without having a deal in place for Ramsey. Snead said he addressed with the team’s defensive coaches a scenario in which the Rams had neither Peters nor Ramsey.

“You did have to talk through playing the rest of the season, playing Julio Jones and [Calvin] Ridley without Marcus and with who we have if this couldn’t happen because nothing’s certain,” Snead said. “Especially in situations like that.”

Although Snead didn’t commit to Ramsey playing on Sunday at Atlanta, the reference to facing Jones and Ridley implies that they’re ready to use him — and that they are as aware as everyone else is that the back injury that kept him out of three straight games wasn’t real.