Florida joins the fray with proposed legislation to pay student-athletes

Earlier on Monday, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the Fair Play Act which will guarantee student-athletes in the state of California will have the right to market their name, image, and likeness, thus dropping the gauntlet against the NCAA. Hours later, the state of Florida is following California’s lead.

House Bill 251 was officially filed by Kionne McGhee (D) in the Florida House of Representatives. Similar to its predecessor in California and other bills starting to go through various state governmental procedures, the Florida bill aims to prevent the NCAA and colleges from blocking student-athletes from receiving compensation for the use of their likeness or name.

Similar bills have recently been filed in South Carolina andNew York, and more could very well be on the way now that the first domino has fallen in California. The bill filed in New York would also potentially allow a student-athlete to hire an agent and receive an even distribution directly from the school’s athletics revenue with every other student-athlete on campus.