Gators' Band Director Reportedly Attacked By Hurricanes' Fan

Gators Football Field Logo

Gators Football Field Logo

A report has surfaced that a group of Miami fans pushed their way through Florida band members outside the stadium after the game,

Florida band director Dr. Jay Watkins tried to intervene, and was then allegedly attacked.

The Miami fans then attacked Dr. Watkins placing him in a choke hold and slamming his head to the concrete. A member of the band reportedly was punched in the face and had a bloody nose.
Dr. Watkins saved multiple members from worse injuries by stepping in to stop these fans and in turn put himself in harms way.

“Students in band uniforms are an easy and all-to-common target for disgruntled fans — especially these idiots who attend Miami games,” FSU band director Patrick Dunnigan posted on Facebook. "I know from personal experience just how dangerous a visiting stadium can be especially any game with Miami.”

But police and university officials say no one else was injured. A female student had a bloody nose, but it was unrelated to the incident, police said.

As for the who-done-it, police said they don’t even have a description for the attacker. And in a spirit of collegiality, UF isn’t ready to blame it on a Miami fan.