Outside the Huddle - Interview - C.J. Reavis

On this episode of Outside the Huddle, our very own Andre L. Sullivan got to sit down in the locker room and speak with DB C.J. Reavis. Reavis an alum of EMCC and former star of Last Chance U, has now found his way to the NFL by way of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Reavis is long removed from his days in Scooba, Mississippi and is now rubbing elbows with the likes of Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye in his position meetings.

Reavis, an avid madden player, who usually boast about his skills on the sticks, hasn't gotten around to beating his new found teammates yet, but he admits it's coming. He states that it's a blessing to be around the talent that has been placed around him and noted that they will even fine each other for mistakes made on the field.

For all of this and more listen in on my interview with C.J. Reavis.