USA Today Says UGA most "likable" SEC Team

Mississippi State v Georgia

Mississippi State v Georgia

It took until spot #7 on their list but the SEC made an appearance with UGA in the Top 10 most "likable" teams in all of college football. Everyone has a a favorite team and teams that they don't like so what team do you like even though they aren't your favorite?

Oklahoma was at the top of the list followed by Oregon and Texas.

Here was USA Today's Reasoning behind the Dawgs at #7.

7. GEORGIA (NO. 3, 11-3 IN 2018)

First, what a great mascot. Gotta love this guy.

(Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports)

And second, once again, the Bulldogs look like the team with the best chance to take down Alabama, which just about everyone is cheering for. They lost a heartbreaker in the SEC Championship Game last year to the Crimson Tide, making them even more likable because of, well, pity mostly.

One of these days, Georgia is going to take down the Crimson Tide — we can only hope they’ll meet again in the SEC title game and deliver another thriller — and college football fans everywhere will rejoice. But should the Bulldogs suffer another heartbreaking defeat, we’ll probably be out of sympathy by then.

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