Coach's Corner - Interview - Jaguars Cornerbacks Coach Tim Walton

Jaguars cornerback coach Tim Walton is in his first year with the club after being hired by the team on January 16th. This is his 9th year in the NFL, his most recent NFL job being the cornerbacks coach for the Giants from 2015-2017.

In his return to NFL coaching, Walton steps in to coach perhaps the best cornerback group in the entire NFL. Asked how to improve upon the what is likely the most elite corner tandem in the league between Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye, Walton said that “We just try to focus on technique and details, because those things help translate to wins…when we win, we’re disciplined, we have details in our game, we work on technique, that’ll translate into wins.”

With personalities in the group such as Ramsey and Bouye, managing everything that comes with players of their caliber can present a challenge. “Well the first thing is about relationships. You get to know them, and they have to feel like I can help them. So, I try to make sure I do a good enough job, because they’re already great players. I’m making sure on film study, on technique, and how to see the game that I can help them grow as players…can I help improve them? And I start with that, by developing the relationship.”

With great ability comes great expectation, and Walton has a high bar for his group as well as for the team. “Playoffs. We have to get deep into the playoffs. That’s our goal. It’s about winning for us. The stats and all of that stuff doesn’t matter. We have to translate into wins, and our guys have got to help us do that.”

To hear the rest of my exclusive interview with Walton, including how Nick Foles has challenged the corners, the next step for Ramsey, and more, listen below.