Outside the Huddle - Interview - Jaguars P Logan Cooke

On Sunday afternoons in the Fall, Logan Cooke can be seen booting footballs into the sky for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but few had a much busier off-season than the second year punter from Mississippi State. Logan got engaged to his fiance, Mary, in July of this year. The proposal took place about a week after Cooke hosted his first annual football camp at his hometown in Columbia, Mississippi. "Not a whole lot goes on out there in Columbia, so just being able to give back to the community is big. Seeing some of the faces of the kids there when they get to hang out with an NFL player, that's something I would've been crazy about when I was a kid" When I probed him and asked if he ever "flexed" on the kids with a huge punt a la LeBron James he said, "No I never 'flexed' on them but we played a lot of 1-on-1 tackling and it was fun"

Logan grew up on a farm in Columbia tending to farm animals, where he enjoyed hunting and fishing. Mary also enjoys the outdoor lifestyle, they go hunting and fishing together frequently. He says he's and Mary have only known each other for about 6 months but as Cooke put it "When you know, you know."

Logan plans on hosting his football camp in Columbia, Mississippi on again next year and wants to do it regularly.

You can listen to my exclusive interview with Logan Below.