Former OSU Asst. Smith Extremely Critical Of Gators Mullen

Former Ohio State assistant Zach Smith took a shot at the University of Florida and head coach Dan Mullen in his most recent Menace 2 Society podcast. When asked why Florida hasn't gotten back to an elite level, Smith suggested Mullen is only mentioned with the upper echelon of head coaches because he's the coach at Florida and that he only got the job with the Gators because it wasn't an attractive job:

“Yeah, we talked about that at length, and the biggest thing is Dan Mullen is thrust into this conversation only because he is the coach at Florida. He would not be in this conversation based off his successes on the field — based on his resume, but he gets thrust into this group because he got the job at Florida. Why did he get the job at Florida? Because Florida wasn’t an attractive job. It wasn’t. The stadium’s not selling out, where they have really fallen off. The recruiting has been down to some extent, especially from the Urban Meyer era. So, why did he get the job? He got the job because Scott Frost didn’t want the job. Think about that. This is a job that was top five in the country in 2005 when Urban turned down Notre Dame to go to Florida. … He didn’t have the resume to get the Florida job that Urban Meyer got in 2005. Dan Mullen had the resume to get the Florida job in 2018. - Former OSU Asst. Zach Smith

Smith went on to say that he doesn't believe that Mullen has the "swagger" to be a great head coach, though says he's a "really good football coach":

“I don’t think he (Mullen) has the swagger to be a great head coach or to be a great recruiting head coach, but he’s a really good football coach.” - Former OSU Asst. Zach Smith

The above audio can be found at the 22:30 mark of the podcast:

In his first year with the Gators, Mullen took Florida to a 10-3 record and a resounding victory over Michigan in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl.