More than Money - Inside Jim McElwain's Home Sale Story

McElwain bought the home in Gainesville in 2015 for $1.8 million but took an offer well below the asking price because the family that bid has two disabled children and the house is wheelchair assessable.

The McElwain’s former house is equipped with amenities such as multiple rails and ramps, a lift, plus wider hallways/doorways to make getting around in a wheelchair much easier.

Per the Tampa Bay Times, the Staabs have two children which who were diagnosed with dystonia when they both turned seven years old. Dystonia is a neurological syndrome which causes involuntary and repetitive muscle movements and contractions. It can be very painful for those who suffer from symptoms of the disease.

Tyler now 20 and a student at Santa Fe Community College relies on a wheelchair to get around because he is unable to use the left side of his body, while 17-year-old Samantha has difficulty walking sometimes.

Their father, Rick, visited McElwain’s home last summer after he purchased a charity dinner that was coincidentally held there. After McElwain was fired by Florida, Rick quickly inquired about the home because according to the Tampa Bay Times he figured the coach would want to start the next chapter of his career as quickly as possible. The home never officially hit the market.

The home also features a features a converted eight-car-garage that can be used as an apartment, so that Tyler could stay very close to home but have a little more privacy as he continues into young adulthood. McElwain used the space as a guest house when visiting coaches were in town.