Kiffin: "CEO Approach" Is The Number One Takeaway From Saban

Lane Kiffin actually had something nice to say regarding his former boss Nick Saban. In an interview with SEC Country, Kiffin discussed the number one thing he took away from Saban during his time at Alabama:

“And so I would say the No. 1 thing that I took was the CEO approach that he has versus some guys who are head coaches, because they’re so involved in one side of the ball, calling plays, that they kind of miss out on some other aspects. And so I think that was the case with me, and now I have much more of an eye on everything within the program, community, all of the things that go into being a CEO head coach versus just an X-and-O head coach.” - Kiffin to SEC Country

Kiffin has done well for himself since leaving Alabama. In his first year at FAU, he guided the Owls to a double digit win season and a victory in the Boca Raton Bowl over Akron.