Taggart Trying To Bring The Swag Back To FSU

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Semioles Field Logo

FSU head coach Willie Taggart has made an interesting change this spring to try and inspire competition and bring the swag back to Tally. Taggart has repossessed all of the single digit numbers on the team, and will be making the players earn them. Per ESPN:

"I know when I was growing up, the single digits went to the dudes. That's kind of how we want it. Not everyone can be a single digit. Getting it is being one of the best." - Willie Taggart

Not even Cam Akers, standout sophomore who wears number 4, was spared after a phenomenal freshman season. 

It's a great way to try and revamp a program that fell flat and was fatigued in the final days of Jimbo Fisher, and is just another way in which Taggart is changing the culture around Florida State.