Gators AD Stricklin not a fan of new transfer proposal

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Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin told Steve Russell of ESPN Radio in Gainesville that he is against immediate eligibility after a transfer.

“I am not in favor of a young person who’s an undergrad transferring and being eligible immediately, and I think that’s what you’re referring to,” Stricklin said. “Right now, we have if someone has received their undergraduate degree and still has eligibility remaining they can transfer as a graduate student, much like Egor Koulechov and Canyon Berry have done the last couple years in basketball. I think once a young person has their undergrad degree, that’s perfectly reasonable.”

“We have a society where you know we want a quick fix and instant gratification, and I think if you have instant eligibility for all transfers that’s not going to be a good environment, especially now that schools are guaranteeing scholarships for multiple years,” Stricklin said. “If a school is making a four-year commitment to a young person, I think it’s reasonable to expect that if that person wants to transfer, there is going to be time to sit out.”

Stricklin said he doesn’t believe that schools should be able to limit where an athlete can transfer, such as blocking programs in the same conference.