Dabo’s Son Doesn’t See His Dad Leaving Clemson For Alabama

Pittsburgh v Clemson

Pittsburgh v Clemson

Will Swinney, Dabo’s son and a Clemson wide receiver, told AL.com today that he doesn’t foresee his father making the move to Tuscaloosa.

“I wouldn’t say I necessarily see that happening,” Will Swinney said. “We love it at Clemson; he’s invested. Alabama already has so many championships and stuff. What else do we want to do? We’re building something really special here, and my dad helped create that and has a bunch of good staff around him. He loves it here.”

Nick Saban, 66, has shown no signs of retiring.   If Saban stays with the Tide for a few more years, Swinney could be even more entrenched at Clemson by that point.

Clemson and Alabama will meet Monday night in the Sugar Bowl