LSU's Mascot is Racist?

LSU v Alabama

A petition started by a student at Louisiana State University insists the school’s mascot, a tiger, is a racist symbol from the days of the Confederacy and demands that the school change the  mascot in order to avoid offending black students.

Language inserted into the petition can be found below.  

“These  powerful white males choose the Tiger [sic] as a symbol to honor a  confederate regiment called Louisiana’s Tigers,” it says. “They were  known for their propensity for violence on and off the battle field.  They were just as violent to the black slaves they owned, and later even  more violent once those slaves were set free.

“It is incredibly insulting for any African American to have to  attend a school that honors confederate militantism. It is already hard  enough to be black at LSU, and these symbols must be changed,”

You can see the Petition Here:  REMOVE MIKE THE TIGER PETITION