Brady jersey thief has been stealing and selling sports memorabilia ‘for years’

Ortega has had access to Super Bowl locker rooms for at least 10 years.   He has tried to sell numerous items.

Sources familiar with the situation told TMZ that Mauricio Ortega, the  former Mexican newspaper director who has been accused of stealing  Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey in addition to his jersey from Super Bowl  XLIX, has been “selling various sports collectibles for years.” Ortega  supposedly authenticated the apparel by showing buyers photos he took with prominent NFL figures like Brady, Robert Kraft and Ben Roethlisberger.

A video that was obtained by Jay Glazer of FOX Sports appeared to show a  man — supposedly Ortega — entering the locker room after Super Bowl LI  not far behind Bill Belichick. He later exited with an item tucked under his left arm.