Calais Campbell: "The World Doesn't See Jacksonville The Way I Do"

Broncos cornerback Chris Harris took to Twitter to post about players not trying to win a Super Bowl that appeared to be directed at Campbell. Campbell told  Sports Illustrated that he saw Harris’ tweet and that he  believes “the rest of the world doesn’t see Jacksonville the way I do.”

“Playing with Von Miller was a big temptation,”  Campbell told Sports Illustrated. “He’s going to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Playing  next to a guy like that is a positive, because you feed off a guy like  that. That would have been cool. Also, being home would have been a good  situation. But you look at the division the Jaguars are in, the AFC  South, and the players they’re bringing in, and I felt like it could be  an opportunity to go out there and leave my mark on a young team. I  didn’t want to go to Denver and just be one of the guys, which is cool.  But I knew in Jacksonville I could add a lot more value.”

The Jaguars also signed cornerback AJ Bouye and safety Barry Church to a defense that was already in the League's Top 10.