Mets Manager explains why he keeps giving chances to Tim Tebow

Collins insists it comes to down to the simple fact the Mets are short on players.

“He’s not going to play a lot, but right now, we need players,” Collins said, via  “Some guys are tired and we’ve said from the get-go that we’re going to  keep guys rested and healthy and that’s what we’re trying to do. So he  allows us to bring a guy over that you can actually make some  advancements with.”

In Collins' eyes, Tim Tebow is an underdog. And for the most  part, people like underdog stories. Collins is clearly one of those  people. 


"There are good people in this world, and he is a good person,"  Collins said. "People will cheer for good people. Just because they may  not be a fan of the Denver Broncos, because he played quarterback  there, or they are Florida State fans, this guy is a good human being.  And you root for that."