Michael Vick and Chad Ochocinco Went Head to Head in Flag Football League

In the first ever American Flag Football League tournament, former NFL stars Michael Vick and Chad Ochocino put on a show to remember. The event features former professional and collegiate athletes in one bracket, as well as various other players who did not get a chance to compete at higher levels in another. The winning teams from each bracket will compete in the Ultimate final on July 19th.

via NFL.com:


Vick entered the tournament as the QB for the Roadrunners and many believed they would be the favorite to win the whole thing. However Team Ocho was not having it. Former Texas A&M QB Jerrod Johnson found Jeremy Ross and OchoCinco deep for scores, and team Oho proved to be more efficient at tackling as well. The game was clinched when Mike Vick was intercepted with under 2 minutes remaining down by 6, and Team Ocho went on to score and finish 26-13.

Team Ocho will take on Godspeed, led by former NFL QB Seneca Wallace, in the Pro Bracket Finals on Saturday, July 14th.