UCF Takes Claims of Being National Champions to Another Level

UCF Football hasn't been shy about how they feel about their success this past season going undefeated. Social media and merchandise from UCF and their fans received media attention after claiming they are the national champions this past season. The Knights took things to a new level at their spring game unveiling a new addition to Spectrum Stadium with a sign saying '2017 National Champions' earlier tonight. 

Just when you thought they were done they do what any team does when they win a championship, they get championship rings to top it off. Claiming on Twitter to be "the only 2017 undefeated national championship." The AAC Conference Champions are not going to weaken their stance on how they feel. Even though they beat Auburn, the only team to beat the National Champion Crimson Tide, they still play in a weaker conference with a weak strength of schedule. It looks like with these new additions this spring the Kinghts aren't finished and we liley haven't heard the last from them.